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Q. Why buy CSGO Accounts?

CSGO Accounts are primarily used by our customers for playing against competitively lower ranks in the CSGO matchmaking system. We have CSGO Accounts of almost all ranks. These CSGO Ranked Accounts are re-stocked every week.

Q. Which Ranks do you have?

We have CSGO accounts of all ranks ranging from Silvers to Global Elite Accounts. CSGO accounts are mainly of two types : CSGO Prime accounts and CSGO Non Prime Accounts. CSGO Prime accounts enable the customer to play against other CSGO Prime members. CSGO Non Prime Accounts enable you to match against the CSGO Community that is playing the game in FreeToPlay mode.

About CSGO Accounts

CSGO Accounts are of 2 types : CSGO Prime accounts and CSGO Non Prime accounts. CSGO Prime accounts enable the customers to play against the other Prime members thereby enabling them to face other Prime members. We have a wide range of CSGO accounts with Medals and also CSGO accounts with a good amount of hours. These accounts have been made by our own team thereby assuring you best quality.

If you have any doubts you can contact us via Live Chat or Email us at admin@buyrankedaccounts.com