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Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO in short is one of the most popular video games that can be played exclusively or even online. The game has millions of followers and if you are one of them you need one of the CSGO accounts to play the game with others online.

The Most Trusted CSGO Accounts Provider

To get the best gaming experience you need a trusted provider of all types of CSGO accounts. If that is the issue in question then approaching Buy Ranked Account can prove to be one point solution for all your requirements relating to an account for playing CSGO.
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We have thousands of positive feedbacks from our highly satisfied clients on different types of accounts sold by us. These include –

  • CSGO Smurfs,
  • Steam CSGO accounts,
  • CSGO ranked accounts,
  • CSGO prime accounts,
  • PUBG accounts,
  • Global elite account,and
  • CSGO account Kaufen among others.

The list is only suggestive and not exhaustive. We offer everything from Silver 1 through Global elite account for you.

Cheap And Legitimate CSGO Smurf Accounts

You can buy CSGO Smurf accounts from us that are of very high quality as well as legitimate. In addition; we also provide top quality CSGO ranked accounts for you including the followings.

  • CSGO Smurf
  • CSGO Silver
  • Gold Nova
  • Master Guardian
  • SMFC and
  • CSGO Global elite accounts for you.

CSGO Ranked Accounts Boosted by Professionals

CSGO ranked accounts and other accounts we provide are boosted by our professionals and they are not only easy playing but safe as well. Buy our CSGO Smurf accounts and enjoy high hours and high levels in private ranks. In addition; we also provide CSGO prime accounts for our valued clients. Accounts are boosted using the services of trusted boosters and we never buy accounts from external sources. This renders the accounts provided by us 100% safe and secure in nature. As the accounts are boosted without third party software intervention all accounts and thus when you buy CSGO prime accounts from us you is free of all tensions relating the safety and security.

When You Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

When you buy CSGO prime accounts you have to appreciate that they are the special types of CSGO accounts. Minimum private ranking of 21 is necessary to be eligible for the prime matchmaking. You will also need to verify your phone number so as to unlock the prime features in the account. With custom solutions, we verify the phone number on your behalf as well. Advantage of prime matchmaking is that it minimizes the possibilities of walking into some hacker or cheater as the accounts are 100% clean.

We Provide Convenient Steam CSGO Accounts

There are many people that use steam wallet for playing CSGO. For convenience of such players we provide Steam CSGO accounts. This means you can use your Steam account to play CSGO game at any location with our steam supported CSGO account.

  • Create additional Steam CSGO accounts with Smurfing
  • It helps matching with players with lesser skills and experiences enhancing chances of winning.

Opt for the PUBG Accounts and CSGO Accounts Kaufen

You may opt for the PUBG accounts or the Player Unknown Battle Ground account or use your steam wallet for buying steam enabled CSGO accounts Kaufen. In any case, you will only get the best from us at the most reasonable prices in the industry.

Buy Ranked Account is the industry leader in providing all types of CSGO accounts from CSGO Smurf through CSGO Global elite accounts and all intervening accounts facilitating the game playing. We are only a phone call or few mouse clicks and keystrokes away. Try us now and you will only thank yourself for having taken one of the best decisions in your life.

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